February 21

“Houkouki fi al 3amal” Learning Application

“Houkouki fi al 3amal” Learning Application

The “Houkouki fil al 3amal” which translates to “My Rights at Work” is a learning application developed through an International Labour Organization’s (ILO) project in partnership with government and NGO stakeholders across Lebanon.

The App includes a user-friendly guide, a self-paced online training and frequently asked questions related to the Lebanese labour law and other employment issues. It aims to build capacity, knowledge and awareness regarding rights and obligations at the workplace. The training programme is intended to empower trainees by providing them with basic knowledge on the rights and fundamental mutual obligations upon signing an employment contract.

The app is addressed to public at large including employers, graduates of education and vocational training, employees or workers, and anyone interested to deepen knowledge about the Labour laws in Lebanon.

The application is available on this link: https://houkouki-fi-al-3amal.com/