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Stock Keeper

Imad Choueiri SAL
Kesrouan - Zouk Mosbeh - Industrial City - Samoa bldg. - El Ain street
09/224922 ext:15
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Stock Keeper Job Profile and Description
Primarily warehouses and manufacturing units supervision.
Stock Keeper is required to play multiple roles;
• Stock keeping
• Inventory control
• Stock management
• Production control

Duties and Responsibilities
Stock Keeping
• Keeping a record and maintaining cycle counts of the entire inventory in the WH
• Maintaining appropiriate stock level - alert if stock Minimum
• Reception of delivered new goods
• Sorting all goods and stacking them appropriately.
• Maintaining proper documentation processed for the receipt of the good and supplies.
Inventory Control
• Daily Inventories
• Receiving and verifying the inventory with the orders/purchase in process.
• Reporting loss, damage and any such discrepancies
Stock management
• minimum-maximum Stock
• Reordering forms to submit to purchasing departement
Production control
• Coordinate manufacturing daily & weekly plan
• Coordinating and synchronizing work functions with Manufacturing unit and Warhousing.
• Daily production reception
• Daily production data entry
• label printing
• Unit product control after manufacturing
• Maintaining cleanliness and order in the work place, and complying with all safety norms while carrying out work functions.
Skills and Specifications
• Must have excellent written and oral communication abilities.
• Ability to effectively manage time, coordinate activities with team members.
• Understanding of storage safety norms and other documentation processes.
• Must have the understanding of using a PC for feeding inventory records.
Education and Qualifications
• High school degree, diploma
• 2 – 3 years of experience in a warehouse facility or a storehouse

Job Location: 
Kesrouan - Zouk Mosbeh - Industrial City -
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