Honoring Ceremony for the Lebanese Economic Press | Association of Lebanese Industrialists 

Honoring Ceremony for the Lebanese Economic Press

Fadi Gemayel, president of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, called Thursday for the adoption of a wide and complete economic strategy in a bid to boost industry and other sectors of the economy. 

"This strategy would mainly aim at activating all sectors while boosting growth and creating job opportunities for the Lebanese," he said during a lunch ceremony held at Le Phenicien in honor of the Lebanese press. 

Gemayel added that it was also necessary to protect the country's social and security stability in cooperation with the international community and this required a strategy to deal with the negative repercussions of the flow of Syrian refugees to Lebanon. 

"We should also encourage partnership between the public and private sectors in addition to adopting a sound and clear vision for gas and oil investments," he said. 

Gemayel gave a few economic figures as well, saying that GDP stands at only $47 billion despite the great skills and resources prevailing in the country. "We should double our efforts in the coming period because we have very high capabilities," he said.

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