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Dr. Gemayel Speech in food Industry Guide

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Food and Beverage Industry ranks among major Lebanese Industries and is the sector that attracts the largest investments, employs the largest portion of the industrial workforce, and includes the largest number of factories.


This sector is widely diversified and produces more than 175 items in different categories.  The manufacturing firms are found in all districts of Lebanon and are growing at a steady pace.  The F&B sector encounters challenges and opportunities, and all efforts are being done to boost the local production and increase exports to new and demanding markets.


One category of this sector is the milk and dairy sector, which is an old Lebanese domestic activity that has developed into a full-fledged modern industry utilizing up-to-date machinery and equipment. We support the vision of the dairy board and efforts are being made to enhance the local production in the milk and dairy sector.


Exports of the Food & Beverage sector are estimated around US Dollars 540 million and are pulling thru the agricultural sectors that are the main components for this production.  The F&B manufacturing in Lebanon is well known in the Arab countries, Europe and USA among other demanding markets worldwide.


Our message to the food and beverages manufacturers is to keep up the hard work and continue their devotion for innovation, high quality and stringent food safety standards, increase their local share in the market and increase exports to traditional and new markets.


Our message to the Lebanese government, United Nations Agencies and International donors is to:

  • Encourage Lebanese residents to consume local products
  • Raise customs and taxes on imported products that are being produced locally
  • Buy Lebanese products for the Syrian Refugees since it is of higher quality and lower prices.


Finally, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists is working on establishing a “Geographical Appellation Controlee” for different Lebanese Agro-food products and beverages such as Humus and Wine that are well known worldwide.


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